• Selling Your Home With Kids | Week 3: We're LIVE!

    Wednesday, September 05, 2018   /   by Colt Charlebois

    Selling Your Home With Kids | Week 3: We're LIVE!

    In our last edition of Selling Your Home with Kids, we tackled the PLAYROOM which, for many, can be the area of your home that's the most exhausting to take care of. We also reviewed how the consultation with your professional home stager will go and which areas to focus on.

    During week three of our series about selling your home with kids, we’d like to talk about the time when you've completed most of the preliminary work and your property is finally ready to hit the market; (drum roll) WE'RE LIVE! So over the past few weeks (or for some, months) you've been working hard at decluttering your home, giving it a deep clean, removing much of the kids toys and preparing it to reach the largest majority of buyers. One thing we like to mention here at
     Redpost Ottawa is that we are a team. As Realtors, we can't do this without you and when we work together we can accomplish some pretty fantastic results! Once you've completed the prep work, we now have the opportunity to work on our marketing plan which we've custom built for your specific property and objectives. It's now our turn to make the magic happen!

    Depending in which market you're selling your home in, you can expect quite a few buyers and their agents to be booking showings. The majority of the visits are between the hours of 9:00AM to 8:00PM, and unfortunately many are in the evenings, once the average buyer is done work. You're probably thinking; but what about the house, when will I clean it if I'm at work all day? What about diner, when do we eat? How do I keep up with the visits and continue living with my family? I'd prefer not to have any visits between 5:00-6:00PM, can I do that?

    Our Redpost Ottawa Team works with you as much as possible to accomodate your schedule, especially for young children and families. We will counsel you on the pros & cons of restricting showings and how it could impact the sale of your home; from a monetary and time on the market perspective.

    Here’s a few key suggestions of to-do’s for keeping your sanity while living and selling your staged house:
    – If you can, hire help! Typically we can all clean our homes on our own, however to minimize stress, hiring a weekly cleaning service can really help while you maintain with a little work each day. This is only temporary during the time the house is actively for sale. The other option is to tackle one or two areas of deep cleaning per day and keep them on a weekly rotation. ie: kitchen, bathrooms, floors & carpets, walls, yard work, etc...
    – Close your kitchen as much as possible, BBQ or make oven dinners! Enjoy visiting family restaurants since you may be eating out a lot. You can also spend time outdoors (weather permitting) eating hot dogs and burgers on the patio, and don't forget about quick go-to oven dinners to help keep your stove top clean!
    – Have a safe house and plan lots of activities out of the home; you can definitely get your "park" fix on, and visiting friends & family will be the norm for a little while. You can also catch up on errands or any appointments you've been putting off!
    – Make a 15 minute "Last Minute Cleaning" list that you can go through right before a showing; having a visual to reference will help stay on task on short notice; don't forget to make your beds!
    – Put the messiest toys away, we mean PACK THEM and put them far, FAR away; that means play dough, perler beads, paints and any other mess-makers... they will save your time & sanity!

    The Redpost Ottawa Team knows and understands how difficult it can be to sell your home, especially with kids. Although it's sometimes hard to see the finish line when you're in the chaos of preparing and selling your house, the more effort you can make in keeping your home show ready and giving access for visits, the quicker you'll reach a successful sale and then be able to get "back to normal" living again. The hard work ALWAYS pays off for our clients.

    Our Realtor quotes for the week are "You Love your House the Most, the Day you Put it Up for Sale" and "If you Want to make your House easy to Sell, make it Easy to Buy".

    Stay tuned for WEEK 4 and our final post in this series next week!