• Selling your Home with Kids | Week 2: Converting your Playroom

    Wednesday, July 25, 2018   /   by Colt Charlebois

    Selling your Home with Kids | Week 2: Converting your Playroom

    After having started the process early last week and really gotten rid of a lot of excess “stuff” that can clutter up your house, it’s about that time where you’ll be getting a visit from your trusted Home Stager!

    During week two of our series about selling your home with kids, we’d like to talk about a room that will most likely have to go during the time your house is for sale; the all encompassing PLAYROOM! 
    (which for some of us, let’s be honest, could be most of our house!) This weeks tip is about “Converting your Playroom”. When you hire the Redpost Ottawa Team to help you sell your home, we craft a personalized selling strategy that includes a FREE visit with our Home Stager. During your consultation, the stager will bring you through every room and make suggestions on how you can improve the flow and use of space in order to attract the most amount of buyers into your house. The general public typically gets worried and anxious about a stager visit since what they see on TV are home sellers that must undertake large and sometimes costly renovations. In all reality, we’re able to properly “set the stage” by simply decluttering, utilizing proper furniture and artwork placement and sometimes investing in small costs like a coat of fresh neutral paint and some accessories.

    The area many families with children have difficulty wrapping their heads around, is removing the majority of the toys that keep our kids engaged daily! What do we do with all the toys?! Can’t we just leave them out? NO. Most buyers look for multi-purpose rooms that they can tailor to fit their own lifestyle which means that any room within your home – a game room, den or office, living room, bedroom – that’s currently being used as a playroom, MUST be staged before you start your showings!

    Here’s a few key suggestions of to-do’s:
    – Remove any toys, video game systems or play sets from the room
    – Place common use furniture like a couch, lounger, bed, dresser or small desk in the room to help fill the space according to its highest and best use.
    – Keep the decor to a minimum to highlight the size of the room; add warmth with greenery and accessories (pillows, throws, area rugs, etc)
    – Clean any and all evidence of marker, paint or other stains from the floors or walls.
    – Keep just a few toys; have a designated shelf or corner that DO NOT contain art supplies. You’ll be surprised how creative your kids will get with their new “minimalist” playroom and you’ll be able to get the area cleaned up in 10 mins if/when you get the call for a showing!

    Once you have converted your playroom and home into a show ready house, you’ll be creating a nice and clean open space that potential buyers can picture themselves living in. Our Redpost Ottawa team can then start our personalized marketing strategy started to get your home sold!

    Our Realtor quote for the week is courtesy of Barb Schwarz (The Creator of Home Staging): “The way you live in your home and the way you market and sell your house, are two different things!”

    Stay tuned for WEEK 3 next week!